© Henriikka Kontimo 2020

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participatory installation
two wooden plates, paper, graphite pencils, pencil sharpener, string
Gallery Emil, Tampere, Finland

Fish-Ring addresses the themes of absence, search for meaning, reason, and closure. It gives the viewer a possibility to be also a maker, and to concentrate on being present by an act of copying: every viewer can place a sheet of paper over the wooden plate, and rub with coal onto the paper the text that has been carved on the plate, and take their her own copy with her.

In China, throughout centuries, there were on many sites of pilgrimage slabs of stone or plates of wood on which sacred texts had been carved. A pilgrim brought with her cloth which she placed over the carving, and traced with a graphite pencil a copy of the text for herself. This method and culture of copying intrigues me: the original stone slab or wooden plate is an initial point from which words emanate to new places through the copier's ritual act.

These words are not here.
Nothing to be read, no reader.
You have not existed in a long time.
What is left of you is only a fish-ring,
rippling on water, dying down.