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The performance was performed at the end of a two-months artist residency. I was interested in how we, the residents and the residency staff, had become a group, and what things we did share as a group consisting of individuals who had by chance ended being at the same place at the same time.

During the performance I wrote three sentences of each of the residents and the residency staff on little pieces of paper, one sentence on each paper. I enclosed the pieces in envelopes. I put the envelopes into a bowl, shuffled them, and asked each person to randomly pick three envelopes. In that way each one of them received three sentences that could be about them or about someone else. After that I told them it would be up them to to either share the sentences with each other, or keep them to themselves. In that way the performance would be completed through the action that the residents and staff would take together as a group.

Some of the sentences:

Your hair is wonderfully shy.
I enjoy sharing silence with you.
I like how appreciatively you you talk about people.
I like seeing how you respect yourself and others.
I enjoy your straighforwardness.
I like the way you talk with your hands.
I admire your tolerance.
I like your practicality.
I appreciate your determination.
I like how you let your vulnerability show.