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I'm a Finnish visual artist working mostly with mediums of text, installation, and performance.

My practice is more gestural than object- or material-oriented. My works are often context-specific and participatory. I place my work in the field of visual arts but my main tools are self-written texts and words. Over the last ten years, I've shown my works primarily in other contexts than the white wall context.

Themes in my practice are language, communication, identity, and the human mind: in short, how to exist as a human being in relation to oneself, others, and the world. I'm especially interested in language: how language is adopted, used, and interpreted, and what kind of possibilities for connectedness, understanding, and misunderstanding the use of language entails.

I do sometimes draw, but most often I do works that are visually quite minimal because visuality is not the primary element in these works: the visuality of these works is largely contained within the textual part of the works. I like making works that are easily approachable and seemingly simple, but that at the same time consist of many layers that require time and an active approach for the works to slowly unfold.