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I'm a Finnish visual artist working mostly with mediums of installation and performance. My works are often participatory and site/situation specific and they are often based on self-written textual elements. Themes in my works include language, mind and the self, identity, and the relationship of body, mind and memory; in essence, how to exist as a human being in relation to oneself, others and the world.

I'm especially interested in the social and cultural phenomena that seem to be still partly undefinable. I see my working often as stage setting or algorithm writing: I like to create spaces, situations and social settings that invite the audience to interact with or to take part in my works.

My works are often quite minimal in their expression and visually humble: often the visuality of my works is largely contained within the textual part of the works. I like making works that are easily approachable and seemingly simple, but that at the same time offer a many layers to unfold. I also place increasingly more value on not making artworks whose production or final form would accumulate to an unnecessary material burden.